How do I place an ad?

It's very easy to place an ad: click on the button "Post an ad" above right.

If I post an ad, will I also get more spam e-mails?

Absolutely not because your Email address is not displayed on the website.

Can I Create Duplicate Ads Or Multiple Accounts?

Don’t create more than one ad for the same item, and do not create multiple accounts.

Can I Post Ads In Multiple Categories?

Please don’t try to get more views by posting Ads in multiple categories. You’ll get better results when your ad appears in the relevant category.

How to edit an ad?

1.Log into your account, then click on Manage My Ads.

2.Find the ad you want to edit in the list of your active ads.

3. Click Edit next to that ad.

How to delete an ad?

1.Log into your account, then click on Manage My Ads.

2. Find the ad you'd like to remove in your list.

3. Click Delete within the box for that ad.

What’s Not Allowed on Esana.lk?

We don’t let people sell anything illegal or unsafe on Esana.lk. Or something our community has asked us not to list. If we feel you’ve posted a banned or illegal item, we’ll ask you to take it down or we'll remove it ourselves.

Can I Post Multiple Items Together in One Ad?

You cannot post multiple items in one ad. And avoid disputes by writing a clear and honest description of your item.

How long Are Ads Active on Esana.lk?

Ads appear for 60 days, unless you delete them earlier.

How to create effective ads?

Create A Title that Attract

Add Detailed Photos

Choose the Category Carefully

Compare Your ad Item Price with similar ads

Promote Your Ad with premium features it will boost your ad and get more views and replies

Have a question that isn't answered?

You can contact our support Team by visiting our contact us page.


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